Code of Conduct

Old Style Code of Conduct

Article I: Leadership
Article II: Leadership Code
Article III: Guild Expectations

Article IV: Raiding Expectations
Article V: Loot Distributions
Article VI: Post-Raid Schedule

Article I: Leadership
 Old Style employs a tiered structure of responsibility to maintain order and discipline in guild management.
  [Guild Master] - Zeddversary
   Responsible for maintaining the guild structure, projects, tasks and recruiting.
  [Raid Officer] - Mat
   Responsible for leading the progression raid group through end game content.
  [Officer] - Tigoranasr, Tigoranalady, Sklaninhaos
   Responsible for maintaining members, recruiting and upholding guild policies.

Article II: Leadership Code
 We believe our Officers should be held to uphold the beliefs of the guild and making our leadership code public ensures that we are held to those standards.
  1. Officers are to be the representation of our guild's essence, inside and outside of the guild. More than the members of the guild, our behavior is a direct and lasting impression of the people that make up Old Style. This includes statements made in Trade and General Chat, WoW Forums in addition to our own Guild Chat, Forums and Mumble.
  2. Officers should make every effort to get to know the guildies. Find out if they want to raid, if they need assistance with gear or spec and help them understand the way that Old Style works as a guild.
  3. Officers should balance fun with a focus on the advancement of the guild and its members. This may mean deferring a piece of gear you've been wanting or a spot in a group to another. Being an Officer has less to do with glory and power than it does with enjoying the fruits of one's labor (a happy, healthy guild).
  4. Officers should refrain from using crude or abusive language with guildies and with each other. Teamwork means that everyone is contributing towards the goal and insults or crass sexual references only distract from that. Flirting, joking and teasing are all wonderful but know when enough is too much, and stop before you get there.
  5. Officers need to always be aware and on the look out for moments where leadership intervention is needed. If Guild Chat or Mumble is getting a little out of control, Officers have an obligation to reign it in. If you're ever questioning whether or not you should speak up and say something, chances are you should.
  6. Officers should address issues with expedience, tact and impartiality. Every situation is different and every guild member should be given the benefit of the doubt. Personal feelings should not factor into decision making.
Article III: Guild Expectations
 Old Style has minimum expectations for all members.
  1. Treat all members with respect. We expect that you extend this respect to the realm as a whole. Your conduct reflects on the guild both positively and negatively. We should not need to point this out, but conduct that makes others uncomfortable is not tolerated and will be dealt with instantly.
  2. It is expected that you conduct yourself in a manner and use sound judgment to prevent temporary and/or permanent account actions or sanctions by Blizzard.
  3. Please give priority to fellow guild members prior to seeking pickup groups.
  4. We ask that members do not enlist in pickup group raids during scheduled progression raid days.
Article IV: Raiding Expectations
 Old Style has minimum expectations for all raiding members.
  1. Raids are conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 2:00PM (CST).  Cleanup is Monday from 8:30PM to 11:30PM (CST).
  2. Raiders are expected to be at all raids unless otherwise posted within the proper forum or by declining the Calendar Invite.
  3. Raiders are required to maintain a minimum 80% attendance. Failure to meet this expectation may result in being dismissed from the raid team.
  4. Raiders are expected to arrive early and be prepared. This includes proper gems, enchants, glyphs, food, potions and flasks for upcoming raid encounters.
  5. Raiders are expected to have working knowledge of the encounters prior to attending.
  6. Raiders are expected to perform to the best of their ability. If you are not meeting expectations, it is expected that you seek improvement.
  7. Raiders are provided with tools to monitor active performance to assist in research and development.
  8. Raiders are required to have an understanding of situational awareness and be able to coordinate with the raid in a progression environment.
Article V: Loot Distributions
 Old Style employs a Loot Council/Dictatorship based item distribution system during "normal/heroic/mythic" progression and most sponsored raids.
  1. A council is assembled prior to the raid and will generally consist of members having rank of Officer and above.
  2. This group of individuals will take into consideration several different factors to distribute items to main specialization roles of participating members.
  3. Distribution is often based on attendance, performance, size of upgrade and benefit to the raid as a whole.
  4. It is expected that members respect the decision of the council and avoid any conduct that may disrupt the progression of the raid.
  5. Members are expected to promptly 'link the item' they wish to replace in the Raid Channel for their respective main specialization. In the event no member requires the item, the item may be differed to secondary specialization roles in which all interested members may competition 'roll' for the item.
  6. Council recommendations will be considered by the Guild Master and loot distributed at his/her sole discretion.
Article VI: Post-Raid Schedule
 Following the conclusion of the primary progression raid week, the progression raid team may create new team(s) to continue with progression for the remainder of the week.
  1. Members are required to go with whichever raid requests them first, if they are available to raid.
  2. The teams will not poach from each other.
  3. The teams will set their own schedule.
  4. The teams will maintain their own loot system.


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